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Customers Chapter

Customers Chapter

The quality of our services determines the comfort of life of millions of customers and the energy security of the country.

Customer innovations

Customers | Customer innovations

We focus on getting to know the needs of our customers. We believe that it is worth developing to meet these needs. We focus on innovation, which allows us to set market trends.

Our priorities

  • Building long-lasting relationships with Customers, based on positive experiences in contacting committed and motivated consultants;
  • Creating offers of products and services responding to complex needs of Customers;
  • Development of remote (digital and traditional) sales and customer service channels;
  • Providing Customers with an optimised network of modern, functional Customer Service Offices;
  • Consistent improvement and automation of processes related to ensuring simple operation;
  • Improvement and development of the Enea Operator connection portal.
  • In 2017, we carried out a number of activities with Customers in mind

  • Our plans

  • Examples of our innovations:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

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