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Shaping safe working conditions for our employees is definitely one of our priorities. We conduct business that requires us to be particularly attentive to safety. We operate in accordance with generally applicable regulations, such as health and safety laws and regulations. The Group companies also implement a number of additional internally defined guidelines.

Our priorities

  • creating a friendly and safe workplace for employees
  • increasing the awareness, responsibility and involvement of employees in improving safety at the workplace
  • systematic identification and elimination of potential hazards – striving to eliminate accidents at work
  • building awareness among employees of occupational hazards
  • raising Employees’ awareness of the importance of the application of safe working practices

In 2017, the companies covered by the reporting noted the following:

  • 0 fatal accidents
  • 60 accidents resulting in loss of working time
  • Policies and procedures

  • Examples of our actions

  • Enea medical rescue

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