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Employees Chapter

Employees Chapter

We want the people working for us to develop their potential for themselves and the Group as a whole.

Support and Benefits

Employees | Support and Benefits

Our employees have the opportunity to benefit from additional privileges and benefits. The additional benefits vary from company to company and are tailored to the needs and expectations of employees and the capabilities of the company. We promote health prevention and encourage our employees to take care of themselves.

We support our employees inter alia by:

  • Benefits from the social fund
  • Funding for recreation of children and youth and for family holidays
  • Subsidy for preventive and curative holidays and stays in a sanatorium
  • Financial support for childcare in nurseries and kindergartens
  • Loans for housing purposes
  • Repayable or non-repayable assistance
  • Jubilee awards
  • More favourable retirement severance payments than those provided for under the Code
  • Employee Pension Plan, available after one year of service
  • Employee Investment Programme for Managers
  • MultiSport Benefit System card for the use of sports facilities and activities
  • Support for cultural, educational and sporting activities (purchase of tickets, cinema and theatre passes and for sporting events)
  • Purchase of Christmas and New Year’s packages for children under 15 years of age
  • Financial support for collective catering
  • Support for studies
  • Additional cash benefits, e.g. a prize on the occasion of the Energy Day

We promote health prophylaxis inter alia by:

  • Provision of occupational health care to Employees and, depending on the service provider, additional medical services at the Employer’s expense
  • Group Life Insurance for Employees in PZU
  • Subsidy for corrective glasses for Employees using screen monitors during their work for at least a half of the daily working time, i.e. 4 hours a day
  • Analysis of the health status of workers exposed to noise pollution
  • Organisation of regular initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles (running, swimming, volleyball, football)
  • Organisation of preventive actions for employees and their family members, e.g. vaccination against influenza and against tick-borne encephalitis

We provide our employees with access to cheaper electricity

  • Right to reduced payment of electricity after the first year of service in the Enea Group
  • Financing by Enea of a charge for up to 3000 kWh of electricity for household use

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