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We take responsibility for the welfare and development of our employees, who represent the great value of our Group. All companies in the Enea Group employ more than 16 000 people on the basis of their contracts of employment. We want the people working for us to develop their potential to the benefit of themselves and the entire Group. We appreciate the role that employees play in the creation of our company, therefore, in addition to fulfilling the legal obligations of the employer, we offer a number of privileges and benefits. We take care of their health by creating safe working conditions.

Employees employed on a contract of employment in the Enea Group in 2017

16 193 Number of Employees across the Enea Group on a Contract of Employment basis

2 777 Number of women

13 416 Number of men

includ: 10 684 Of which: employees of companies included in this report

2 507 Number of women

8 177 Number of men

Note: LW Bogdanka, belonging to Enea, with more than 5 000 employees, reports separately on responsible business and sustainable development. In the companies of the Enea Group covered by this report, 10 684 persons are employed on a contract of employment. In 2017, these companies also employed 526 people under civil law contracts, including managerial contracts.

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