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Investments and modernisations

Environment | Investments and modernisations

In 2017, we initiated and implemented a number of investments in the Generation and Distribution Area. Another example of pro-environmental activities is a number of activities related to the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting carried out by the company Enea Oświetlenie. The undertaken undertakings allowed us to modernise our installations, increasing their efficiency and reducing their impact on the environment. The most important of these were:

Generation Area

  • Commissioning of power unit B11 for supercritical parameters of coal-fired power unit of power of 1 075 MWe at Kozienice Power Plant
  • Start-up of units no. 3 and 4 after modernisation at the Kozienice Power Plant
  • Commissioning of the SCR unit for units no. 4 to 8 of the Kozienice Power Plant
  • Continuation of the construction of the SCR unit together with the modernisation of electrostatic precipitators for units no. 9 and 10 under the programme for the modernisation of units of power of 2x500MW at the Kozienice Power Plant.
  • Modernisation of the TZ-1 turbine set at the Białystok Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • Modernisation of the chimney of unit no. 1 at the Połaniec Power Plant
  • Construction of units no. 2, 3, 7 of SCR catalysts at the Połaniec Power Plant
  • Installation of a formic acid dosing system at the Połaniec Power Plant

Distribution Area

  • Modernisation, extension and automation of high- and medium-voltage stations and power networks:
    • reconstruction: GPZ Pakość, GPZ Kostrzyn, GPZ Jachcice
    • construction of HV overhead line: Nowogród Bobrzański – Żary Zakładowa
    • reconstruction of HV overhead lines: Górzyca – Słubice, Zielomyśl – Międzychód, Zielomyśl – Międzyrzecz, Glinki – Żelechowo, Dąbie – Morzyczyn, Krzęcin – Dolice, Śmigiel -Leszno Gronowo, Żukowice – Bytom Odrzański
  • Improvement of connection processes and reduction of the negative environmental impact of the electrical power equipment used
  • Development of IT tools to support network management
  • A new unit at the Kozienice Power Plant:

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