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Environment and Partners Chapter

Environment and Partners Chapter

Our activities have an impact on economic development and communities as a whole.

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We are a significant customer for suppliers of raw materials, products and services. Our purchases contribute to the development of the Polish economy.

Our suppliers include manufacturers, agents and wholesalers. The most important raw materials used by us are those used for energy production in the Production Area. These include, but are not limited to:

  • hardcoal – the vast majority of this raw material is provided by LW Bogdanka, a member of the Enea Capital Group,
  • biomass – used mainly by Enea Elektrownia Połaniec and Elektrociepłownia Białystok,
  • roasted magnesite and limestone meal – raw materials used in the flue gas desulphurisation plant,
  • rock salt – raw material for the regeneration of sodium exchangers in a water treatment plant,
  • sodium sulphite, sodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide,
  • light and heavy fuel oil.

Check how many raw materials the Generation Area used in 2017.

We use a wide range of products and services, including transformers, cables and wires, construction and power services (design, modernisation and network construction), IT services, and support services such as cleaning, supervision, and maintenance.

The Group’s companies are acquired by the Enea Centrum Purchasing Department. Enea Centrum’s procurement regulations comprehensively regulate the procedures used to select individual contractors and the principles followed by the company’s employees responsible for making purchases. These include, but are not limited to:

  • the principle of impartiality of persons conducting purchasing procedures,
  • the principle of equal treatment of suppliers,
  • the principles of fair competition.

Potential suppliers can track the Enea Group’s purchasing needs on the purchasing platform available at: https://www.enea.pl/bip/zamowienia/platforma-zakupowa. In addition to the purchasing processes conducted through the platform, there are references to a list of orders not covered by the platform (including those from Enea Operator and Enea Wytwarzanie).

The key criteria for selecting a supplier of a product or service to the companies in our Group are quality and price.

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